Into the Shoot


The photography is now my own life pillar. This happened as result of different events, which I still just partially understand.

Since I was a child, I was used to imprint in my mind special events such as class trips or holydays. After many years, I bought my first Reflex that allowed me to imprint my life and my personality on photos. I had my first experience as a professional photographer working in weddings, sport events and club parties. However, such experiences did not belong to me. I undertook my own path studying reportage and street photography, at the same time I discovered the world of analogic photography. In this world, I found my natural habitat, made of photos developed in the darkness of my room and in a reflexive silence.

I realized my first reportage in my home town, reporting social assistance to people with hardship. Even though they were just little stories, they looked so powerful and they satisfied my need to recount the actual reality.

Today, street photography is my own reality and main life goal:  it is like an unpredictable path where the aims are driven by the reality: the streets show what they can offer and I take it.